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  1. This is a perfect candidate for a dish feed.
  2. Do you have a CST file for Bester?
  3. You didn't see tri and quad band yagis before? I'll try to make a model later in CST. Pretty sure its possible. Example of multiband yagi. https://www.protel-antennas.com/files/31-PROTEL-AR1032-Directional-Antenna-Yagi---45--High-Gain,-band-3G-GSM-R-umts--dcs-gsm-lte-4g-760---960-MHz-1710---2170-MHz.pdf
  4. Can design such antenna for low bands as well? This is essentially a Yagi.
  5. But you have to watch the impedance! Is there anyway to calculate impedance for LPDA boom distance in CST, etc?
  6. DM link. If you can I cannot find it!!
  7. Somebody has measurments for this antenna? or IGES file? https://4g.dp.ua/product/4g-antenna-olhon-2h13db-mimo-2x2/
  8. For this to work you need a thing called SPDT (SP4T, SP8T) switch. But you gotta watch for self oscilation.