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  1. What should the dimensions be for 868mhz?
  2. What should the dimensions be for 868mhz?
  3. I will produce one for you. And I will share all the measurements with you
  4. Yes. But I don't know the actual gain of the antenna. And I don't have any technical data.
  5. swr value is quite high. There are two ways to reduce this. The first is to move the feed point up or down. The second is to shorten it from the top wire.
  6. aaa. okay okay. I get it now.
  7. What did you misunderstand?
  8. Understood. I also installed cst studio. I want to learn a little.
  9. I need to be able to run this antenna at 868 mhz. But it must be highly profitable. 6 dbi 8 dbi 12 dbi How can I achieve these gains with 868 mhz?
  10. Wow. You did a great job. does this test consist of 3 coils? So how is the test result with a single coil?
  11. I know the dimensions. The data in the cst simulation that I'm curious about
  12. 868 MHz my brother
  13. Bu programı kullanmayı öğrenmem gerekiyor. Nereden başlamalıyım? I need to learn to use this program. Where should I start?
  14. Hello again, old friend. I hope I can be active all the time. The diameter of the wire used in the antenna is 1.2mm Coil inner diameter: 3mm Coil with 22 turns