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  1. @Admin that one actually would be easy to put inside a PVC pipe for protection outdoors. actually easier to make. How do you calculate the diameter and element spacing for such antenna ? its basically a yagi-patch antenna with circular polarization. havent found a calculator that can design a panel-yagi antenna, let alone one that design one with circular polarization.
  2. @Admin yeah, he sometimes reviews fake and dodgy equipment. that 2nd parasitic, whats the size and spacing from the 1st one ?
  3. i got inspired by this, would want to turn the 1st design into this but with not that many parasitic elements. maybe just three or four after the active element.
  4. @Admin i really wouldnt want to keep pursuing the dish approach, it would require to modify the dish feed point boom and i dont have tools for that. i have enough polysterene to add another two more parasitic elements to the 1st design.
  5. @Admin i figured maybe adding another parasitic element to it would give it more forward gain. im talking about the 1st design.
  6. Bad news , the antenna is just too big for the dish focal point mount, it will need to work as a standalone antenna. @Admin whats the range of the 1st antenna design you gave me? i realized the cell tower to which i need to connect is 1.5km, and i have perfect line of sight with it.
  7. its ok, the antenna will only be used for 3g 1900mhz band. thats 1850-1990mhz
  8. @Admin im already have the 1st design under construction, unless you saw something wrong with it.
  9. Thanks, so how much you think the dish will amplify the antenna's gain ?
  10. @Admin ill keep you updated with pictures. By the way, could you tell me which program you used to design the antenna? would like to design my own without having to bother anyone.
  11. https://media.istockphoto.com/photos/polystyrene-foam-picture-id178579873 also, you mean polysterene foam as dielectric ?
  12. Thanks a lot, the dimensions are in Milimeters? also, thats a 45 degree bend on each side of reflector ?
  13. oh by the way, the cell tower i want to reach is actually 5.5km away. no ground obstructions.. just trees.
  14. I would feel more comfortable soldering the antenna wire there where the U.FL connector goes. i would need to desolder that connector first and then solder some thin coax wire straight to the board.
  15. already did, its between the usb port and the rest of the dongle. right next to it is a U.FL female connector. i got to say, cant find the copper trail that connects to the internal antenna.