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  1. Results, Admin, results!!! Were are they?
  2. What do you mean? You think I’m lying?
  3. I did, unfortunately.
  4. Can you show the results?
  5. Needed frequency is 2,6 GHz.
  6. I need to conform antenna impedance (39 Ohm) and feeder (cable) impedance (50 Ohm). I need to do it with wire above ground.
  7. Admin, do you have a version? How to calculate quarter wave transformer in CST?
  8. Sorry my friend, but this has nothing to do with my question. My case is TRANSFORMER(transfotmator). 1/4 lambda TRANSFORMER. Zt=sqr(Za*Zf) http://www.antenna-theory.com/tutorial/txline/transmission5.php
  9. Remember this? https://www.lan23.ru/forum/node/10547?p=174362#post174362
  10. Were are these in AppCAD?
  11. So, what you’ve got? I have the same - nonsense!
  12. what for? I asked you to delete 2 PLOTS in THE PREVIOUS to Previous POST! And the question was not about deliting ports.
  13. No, it doesn't. What do you mean?
  14. Admin, can you kill last 2 plots in previous post? T2.6.cst