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  1. Приветствую тебя Джоми! У меня такой вопрос. Антенна Яги рассчитана на бум 25мм, если я её сделаю из бума 15мм, сильно изменятся параметры или нужно пересчитывать? Greetings, Jomi! I have a question. The Yagi antenna is designed for a 25mm boom, if I make it out of a 15mm boom, will the parameters change a lot or do I need to recalculate it? ,,, vova, don't post duplicate images anymore...!!!
  2. Приветствую тебя, Джоми! У меня есть вопрос. Антенна вроде "Лир", но как правильно рассчитать 2 восьмерки, учитывая толщину и ширину полосы? Конечно, я знаю основные формулы, но мне нужна оптимизированная, на частоте 730 МГц. Greetings, Jomi! I have a question. An antenna like "Lear", but how to calculate 2 eights correctly, taking into account the thickness and width of the strip? Of course, I know the basic formulas, but I need an optimized one, at 730 MHz.
  3. ok
  4. Приветствую тебя, джоми. У нас был такой спор о том, какую антенну лучше сделать, алюминиевую или медную. Я хотел бы знать ваше мнение! Greetings, jomi. We had such a dispute about which antenna is better to make, aluminum or copper. I would like to know your opinion!
  5. приветствую тебя Джоми. Не могу найти оцинковку на 1мм, есть 0,9 латунь. Сильно изменятся параметры или нужно пересчитывать все размеры? Извини, что на русском, пишу с телефона. I greet you Jomi. Can't find 1mm galvanized, there is 0.9 brass. Will the parameters change significantly or do you need to recalculate all the sizes? Sorry that in Russian, I am writing from the phone.
  6. Jomi dear, I almost finished the antenna from the first drawing !!!!!!!!!!!!! Now do it again !!!!!!
  7. Thank you friend. Question. Is it a connector in red or can it be directly with a cable?
  8. I'm interested in the transition from 300Ohm to 50Ohm. But if there are sizes at 2600, I'll do it !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Greetings, jomi. You will not show what you did, very interesting! And the main thing is agreement!
  10. I write in English, and the computer automatically recks into Russian, you need to figure it out !!!
  11. Hi jomi. the height of the patch is 13 mm, and the connection of the patch with the feed line is also 13 mm. The feed line is 2 mm from the reflector. Is the patch at an angle?
  12. hello JOMY. I read a sea of literature about this antenna, at 2630 there are different sizes everywhere, is your antenna ready for manufacturing? I asked you for a connector, I want to order several on ALI. I want to try to make two antennas. A cannon and a patch that we discussed and you gave the dimensions. And yet I don't really understand the place of powering on the patch. Probably stupid !!!
  13. Jomy sorry !!!!!!!!!!!! I copy, because the workshop is located far out of town, the Internet is very bad there. Drawings are needed for manufacturing! But I realized, I will draw with a pencil by hand.
  14. Jomy можешь подробнее показать место запитки и какой лучше использоать разьём для 2630МГц Я прошу вид сбоку, извени я только перехожу на этот тип антенн!!! Jomy, you can show in more detail the place of power supply and which one is better to use a plug for 2630MHz I ask for a side view, I'm sorry I'm just switching to this type of antennas !!!
  15. jomy greetings you can ask for the detailed sizes of this merged patch and can it be used under a repetitor..???