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  1. The antenna design developed by the amateur radio operator V. Kovachev was first published in the Bulgarian magazine "Young Designer" No. 8 in 1992. As it turned out, it is also well suited for receiving DVB-T2 digital TV signals. Unfortunately, this antenna is not simple. Making it requires more time and materials than anything we've considered before. However, according to the author, it has a noticeably higher gain than the three-element Sotnikov antenna (triple square). https://antenna-dvb-t2.info/antenna_dlya_dvb-t2_8.php
  2. Carl Rothammel UHF antenna.
  3. Hello Jomy! I hope everything is fine with you. And we have a disaster ....... To make such antennas, you need a 3D cutter! Such things are not done with scissors and a grinder!
  4. Klanon did you optimize this Biquad? If the 700-800MHz parameters are good, that would suit me. You need to accurately determine the dimensions. Internal clearance? Impedance? Preferably 75 ohm. Galvanized 0.5mm.
  5. For the manufacture of this antenna, dimensions are needed
  6. CM 4251 original.
  7. Dear admin. Antenna Kovachev did not pass our simulation! Should opportunity fill this gap? The calculation was at 730 MHz.
  8. Jomy, what do you think about the second option???
  9. A masterpiece of antenna engineering
  10. Unfortunately, to this miracle, I do not have sizes
  11. Well, here's an option!
  12. What can you say about this commercial antenna???
  13. And the racks are all metal!
  14. Yes, very interesting! I have never seen such a construct.
  15. Thanks, it's really good now!
  16. The antenna was made for a friend living in the countryside. The repeater is 38 km away. The signal level is 90-95.
  17. Admin, please remove the extra photo. Load error
  18. Your batwing is good! But I do not have enough sheet Al, can I shift up to 730? Why should I cover the entire range! Sizes will be smaller.
  19. Harry36, you are right. You can just turn on the Yagi calculator and get an antenna. But it's not that interesting !!!! Harry36, I can't open any links on this site! The computer crashes, as if a virus has entered. That's why I asked for the measurements.
  20. Harry is 36, I can't open any links on this site! The computer crashes, as if a virus has entered. That's why I asked for the measurements.
  21. Jomi, the Yagi antenna you posted is called DIPOL, it's a Polish antenna. She is two meters, half of her in the picture !!!!
  22. Hello Jomy! You can try to make a simulation of half of the Dipol, remove 3 directors and make the tube through the boom, it's more convenient. It might turn out to be a small antenna.
  23. Greetings admin. It didn’t work out with the laid out Yagi! I prepared two more drawings for the little Yagi.
  24. this is serious.
  25. Klanon, I built the antenna exactly according to the dimensions from the book