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  1. I don't know where this picture came from but it's saved in my profile? Anyone know the dimensions for this antenna? Reminds me of a katherine antenna.
  2. @Admin today is the day Admin. We shall conquer it! are you going to do circular patch or square patch bester simulation? I think it would be interesting to see square. Also I've been looking around a lot lately. What would you recommend for a 5ghz "ShotGun" sectorial type antenna for high reception ( so wide bandwith i suppose. What's your favorite for picking up faint ap's? Have you seen anything lately new?
  3. Hello Admin Sir, Do you have dimensions for such irradiator?
  4. how do you make the connection for two of these? does that make this an array?
  5. Did you ever finish the simulation for this boss?
  6. Did you ever finish the simulation for this boss?
  7. The distance between reflector and vibrator, and between vibrator and director? I just want to stick a bester on it and do a test.
  8. This is very nice for me I have too many parts now not enough antenna. Could I please have the dimensions for this one? Will adding more elements increase dbi?
  9. This is hard to understand for me,,,im sorry i blame the eyes and old age. is the bottom strip 92mm end to end? and the angle of cut?? and then the patches,,,,, are they attached to bottom strip? If someone has a few pictures of the bottom angles so i can see how it looks! Thanks if you do!!
  10. The site was down for awhile?? I'm glad its back and everything is ok. I can host on my server anytime if you need as failover just let me know! So to business. This is design i great. But I still don't know the distance from parabola and the offset distance? Still cannot find a formula for offset. Focal point of parabola f = D2 / 16d I know....but offset...how?
  11. Hello Admin , I've been here awhile following closely, i appreciate you more than you know! A true scientist! Thank you. So I wanted the first time I come forth to show you all the things that you helped me create that you don't know exists! They do. I constantly improve so they all need my revised touch so not yet. I want to go the next level and i need some guidance. I want to do a parabolic build with the best damn feed possible. I've seen the power of the parabolic dish just fooling around. I know how to calculate the focal point for a cassagrain centered but i don't know how to place an offset feed...and i haven't found a feed that vibes with me. So im wondering two things if you can point me in the right direction, i have options for the dish. I have an elliptical shaped dish and a circular. From what I've learned i think center for the circle and offset for the ellipse. I need to know how to calculate for the offset and i'm asking for some secret sauce. What's the best director for these dishes. I like this patch but not if you know of a better when does the amount of directors start to reduce Range when used with a parabolic dish. Measurements if you want them!! Thanks teacher you've already gave me access to so much!