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  1. in order to get the circular polarization you can vary the two side arm lengths of the U slot.....there are pretty good papers in IEEE explaining the CP generation using U slot....but you wiull get narrow Axial ration bandwidth in such cases.....in order to get wider axial ration bandwidth go for slot antennas.
  2. also try to watch these videos if you need further exposure. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdWKdDxPSzUgeOHQ9jf6zLQ
  3. Hi friends, conformal antennas gaining a lot of attention from the researchers across the world nowadays. i will explain you the necessary steps required to design a conform antenna in hfss. Step1: First create a 2D rectangular sheet in HFSS with ranom dimensions step2. Create a cylinder with radius 30mm step3: Now select the two objects and perform the following commands-> right click->EDIT->surface->wrap shet. then assign thickness to the sheet
  4. how to know whether it is LHCP or RHCP ?
  5. almost 50 ohm
  6. PLease help me in this problem then i can complete my project report.
  7. Actually that cpw line is optimized to give 50 ohm resistance.
  8. I think we can plot the E field vector animation on the antennas excited by either port or port 4 in order to know whether they are working or not.
  9. Dear jomy, kindly check S11,S22,S33,S44 plots also for me.
  10. dear jomy .....can you kindly reproduce the result given in base paper for return loss
  11. i have designed a mimo antenna in hfss,,,is it correct mimo.hfss
  12. What about the radiation box jomy, should the radiation box enclose both antennas or not ?
  13. suppose if i have a system like as shown in the below figure what should be radiation box size ?
  14. I also needed design steps material to implement MIMO antenna system please provide the material for it also.
  15. Jomy how can i design a receiver antenna to receive trasmitted power in hfss. I have designed two identical antennas one as trasmiter and other as receiver. i need design steps required to implement the above system can you provide it.