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  1. Thx jomy I ll try it
  2. i agree CLANON But the 1/4 lambda guide is so different , WICH PROGRAM IS CORRECT
  3. https://www.changpuak.ch/electronics/cantenna.php why i GOT big differentS resultS of 2 calculaters ( fr 1795 ,DIAMETER 110 MM) CHANGPUAK L = 0.75*LG = 122.16 / cantennator = 274.4 ( so long). CHANGPUAK LG/4 = 40.72 mm / cantennator = 91.5 mm ( distance bottom to probe)! any way for DIYER changpuak calculater is suitable becuz cantennator needs very long can (274 mm) but wich programm is right ???
  4. is it possible to make cantenna for 1800 LTE and whats the central frequency and the optimal diameter of can ? thanks by advance
  5. Jomy in m willing to assemble 2 double biquad. Can you give me the distance between it and the length of cable attaattachment? The velocity facter is introduced in kamda/4 ????;;
  6. The velocity facter is introduced in kamda/4 ????;;
  7. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/mmce.22037 here you can find new biquad higher gain and wider band
  8. yagi

    i think none speaks about the thickness of feed ?? its so important for the impedance ?!!!! any idea ?
  9. Thanks jomy j'ai tout compris
  10. I want make this antenna more directive and get more gain by adding some directors
  11. thanks jomy .how could i pass the coax cable ?
  12. It's dielectric support or metallic support?
  13. It's true this antenna could cover 800 to 2700 ?