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  1. the aluminum cannot be soldered by this method !!! big mistake
  2. Hi jomy. Have a good day. I asking. If this idea of repeater could improve the mobile signal. And. Whats is the possible design for 4g 1800
  3. Nice work. Only. The connection of cable of the reflector is very bad idea
  4. thank you sir
  5. nice job jomy for 1800 mhz it will gives good isolation for x polarisation or needs to be recised ?
  6. It's not soldering Way at all. ?!!! You just attached the aluminium pieces by coper wire. And you solder the coper wire . So the aluminium pieces are attached but not soldered . Anyway you are welcome bro and have good luck.
  7. https://youtu.be/De99N1V_E-0
  8. Clanon the 2 options are possible and mine is stronger construction
  9. Look Jomy I got Very excellent result ! And where is the fault !??
  10. My antenna bucket horn for 1800 LTE Mimo
  11. Put it inside bucket horn it works well ( I m HAMZA) I put it inside bucket horn it works so well.