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  1. JOMY how about the isolation (coupling) of 2 ports in this mimo antenna ? IS it good ?
  2. It's broad band ant but preferably for urban area where the tower is close. Also it's not for DIYER
  3. Clanon have you the dimensions of 8 patch antenna.?
  4. It's estimated 17 + DBI ..with 36*23 cm of réflector.
  5. my home brew antenna. It performs very well.wow
  6. HI jomy have happy new year have you the dimensions of 8 patchs i would like to try it
  7. good jomy 36*23*2 mm of reflector is too small and easy to build for DIYER
  8. It's Ok I don't have problem with the flaps
  9. Can FA 16 reach 17:DBI ? It's easier to build ...?
  10. I would like to try the both (6 and 8 patches) thanks by advance clanon
  11. You can work on it jomy ??
  12. VSWR still not so good but you did good job to reduce the coupling of 2 ports ( high isolation)
  13. LTE 1800 MiMO (BDM2) 15 mm boom almost finished