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  1. Thank you sir .merci
  2. Wich type of balun for this antenna!?
  3. hi teacher jomy please give me the mesurement of patch ellip antenna with conical reflector it looks interessting .
  4. Hi I need Yagi antenna for 2.4 GHz 16 DBI with dipole details.
  5. Thanks admin ...expert teacher
  6. So cool...
  7. The patch disk is easier to build .. I want the measurements of this antenna jomy
  8. Looks nice .. so it works for LTE 1800 ? And the patch connected or isolated from the reflecter?
  9. Hi admin the measurements of such antenna for 2.4 GH and what's the estimated gain ..
  10. Nice Wich balun type is used ? And more details for driven element if it's possible
  11. Can I add more reflecters to get more gain ...?
  12. The patch connected or isolated to the to the reflecter ? It can be used as outdoor antenna ?
  13. Thanks jomy ! Mandarache made comparison in video and he got higher signal than double biquade!???
  14. I cannot wait jomy
  15. thank you clanon i need simulation