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  1. i love your work my friend its writen in blue the feed point 34 mm from the center the antenna is made for 75 ohm
  2. Greetings JOMY very excellent job. i m so curious to know the level of isolation of 2 ports (crossports) in your antenna design. being so busy i will post the dimensions as you asked
  3. I made this
  4. VERY EXCELLENT its possible with MIMO feeding !!!!
  5. Greeting mister Jomy need help to make AXIAL (FRONTAL) FEED for parabolic dish ( no offset feed) for 1800 LTE MIMO 75OHM and thanks by advance
  6. DIY Frontal Feed MiMO system.For mobile communication B3 (1800) 4G LTE with good isolation of 2 ports preferably 75 Ohm
  8. very bad response!!!!
  9. How about mimo system. The. Decoupling. Of. 2 ports 120 degree. Is it. Good. ? I want to see the s1s2. !!? Thanks by advance jomy
  10. thank you mister jomy u are absolutely right i tried without dielectic factor and does not work.!!