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  1. Jomy in the network analyzer it gives very good response at 3 to 3.7 ( 5 generation) and at 1700 to 2200 GHz .please try to make simulation on this frequency bands
  2. Thank you clanon. For your effort.
  3. 9 DBI Patch antenna for 5 g(3 to 3.7 ) and good response at (1.7 to 2.2) easy to build !!!
  4. Thank you Clanon it works bad at 1800 to 2200 MHz?
  5. This short LPDA 700 to 2700 mhz claimed !
  6. sorry we talk about 1800 BDM2 SISO with wire directors ?!!!!!!!!!!!!! your model is already existed and discussed in the forum search well
  7. The reflecter (130mm) DV (95mm) .first Direct ( 82mm) 2nd directer 56mm diameter and ( 0- 7-8-39) of spacing like in BDM 2 1800 but the other directors are made of wire preferably with dielectric Boom if you can do optimisation in SISo system. Thanks by advance.
  8. Nice Great job , first time I see this design I mean other design jomy with higher gain I ll try to find it
  9. Hi jomy any idea of BDM2 1.8 ghz with wire directers SiSO system?
  10. any real picture of this ultra wide bande antenna i get confused with drawing !!!