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  1. thank you ADMIN I made an antenna according to this design and the result was very positive even though I used a 75 ohm cable Tested on 3G and 4G network The result in the photo is attached
  2. What are the correct measurements when using 75 ohms at the distance between the reflector-vibrator
  3. Hi Admin, I am looking for a 70 ohms version for this antenna, can I use 70 ohms RG6 for this Antenna ?
  4. it not work in 4g 1800 mhz ???
  5. The new patch i try it 11 elemments and then 18 elements
  6. Hamza this antenna is pro wawo How to cut like this 'good job
  7. Thank you for the clarification
  8. dimensions from the first post
  9. There is a question on my mind Is it necessary to isolate DV or is it normal?
  10. I finished making the antenna from the first post and I will try it later When I have time (in chaa allah)
  11. I will try it thank you ADMIN
  12. You tried this antenna
  13. Thank you ADMIN for your help ? I will try to make the previous design first and then try your design ٫ and compare them with what gives a better performance