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  1. Hamza .test the antenna with out this élément and compare the différent whene you use dish parabol
  2. Admin, Please can you simulate this antenna on a 90cm dish if possible?
  3. This is another type and imitates the first antenna
  4. The 4G antenna is most widely used in Iraq what do you think
  5. No its not my channel youtube
  6. yes it work on 2 ports with a 75 ohm cable
  7. What is the tool used for cutting?
  8. alsamman80 ---------------------------------------------- sorry, I don't have antenna simulator software
  9. It's only designed for 1800 frequency, but it's close to 2100 frequency
  10. alsamman80 -------------------- It is designed for 1800 frequency only
  11. What is this black substance?