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  1. PCB Sir, Thanks you Sir.
  2. Yes, Sir. I'm interesting with the circle, can i ad 4 circle to the middle of path. like this picture can you give me a PDF file of yellow model. and the number of square and circle patch
  3. Good morning Admin!!! The PCB is FR4 1.6MM. the best quality in my country with 18um/side actually may i add more path on your antenna design. with 4 circle or 4 square. like the yellow antenna i attached. it have more 4 circle on top. it will increase frequency range???
  4. Admin. Thanks you. I will make by one side, Bc the PCB in my country not good enough. I' try to make distance between PCB and Reflector close as your design. I watch your discussion , and saw the H=7, can i apply to PCB board, In this threat ???
  5. Dear Admin. I absolutely love your antenna's design, i made one, the big one ( error when opening by CorelDraw) and the same to your size. but i still have some question about your design. please enlighten me if you have time. 1. the space between the PCB and reflector, is it necessary have to 2.5mm, like your design, or any number, 5, 7, even 10mm, i had read 10 page in your threat attachment to figure down, but no answer. 2. if we increase the space between PCB and reflector, it make better or worse. 3. like some of your antenna design, i see something like a screw in the center of antenna path, which connect to reflection. but in this PCB antenna, i don't see it. please watch my attachment 4. the PCB antenna,we have to use 1 side PCB or double side PCB. i did 1 side, because, i watch some video about antenna was made by china. some of it have to double side, some of just one side. Sr for some stupid question. i just amature, trying to DIY. that my passion. Good Night Admin!!!
  6. i can make this antenna, but i think the smaller version will be suilt in my case, i just need to communicate 1 Km, Do you have the detail of below Antennas ?
  7. Sure Bro. I followed your topic Can you help me simulator the antenna i attached, i copied the antenna of Totolink CP300, which said 11 db
  8. Yes. Bro, i want to replace the existing with the new one, but the new one, cant compare with the old antenna. i try 14db and 12db mimo ( PCB), now i think i solid the antenna wire wrong position, that why the signal dont get strong, i connect the wiring of the new antenna to J22, it's it correct ?
  9. Dear Admin I have couple of CPE with anoucement about 5km with point to point communicate ( MWB 205 mercury CPE, you can find it on internet. from china) I need to communicate with distance about 1 KM. I try to replace their antenna with the new one, DiY on forum. but after making some antenna and replace to test the signal ( Without simulator) , it cant compare with the original antenna which is just one pierce metal aluminium, i guest. the signal very weak, but the original very nice. about 200m the signal still 100% and more than 100 Mpbs the new one. not strong enough. I have a question about the PCB, which on attachment. how can i solid the antenna with 2 wire. because on pcb i just see there are one hole for meta ( original antenna) , P/s there are two antenna which is connect on the same antenna. now i need to connect the new antenna using wire. Sr for my english. it not good enough