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  1. The antenna has an impedance of 75 ohms, in the model the port is -50 ohms. Is the design not original? In the original, the antenna is offset from the center of the reflector. The radiation pattern deviates from the normal ~ 5 degrees.
  2. different feeding. in the first variant - direct feed (you need a balun), in the second case - Y probe. the second option is the overlap in terms of 1700-2900. but the dimensions must be multiplied by 2+
  3. Simple antenna with small dimensions and 12dBi gain for FPV (5600-6000 MHz). Circular Wave Polarization Antenna (RHCP). bonus: wi-fi 5150 - 5825. siso: and mimo: sizes: DIY measuring Radom
  4. this is not Petra BB, this is Petra 9. this is not a patch, but a slot. it's not mimo. how to place two of these in an 80mm reflector? if you place two Slot on top of each other, everything will deteriorate and there will be a problem of balancing and branching cables towards the parabola. neither slot nor patch is suitable for direct focus parabolas feed options, except for large mirrors with three arms (1.8-2m).
  5. I don't know the design of the patch so that it can cover the 1700-2700 range in MIMO mode with simple powering. With the help of dipoles, this is done easily. IMHO, to expand the strip, you will need another structural element, it is either not shown in the photo, or the dishonest manufacturer did not install it, but PCB racks are used for a reason. For f / D ratios 0.25 to 0.3, you don't need a lot of directivity, 6-8 dBi is enough. the design is quite technologically advanced in production. If you look closely at the photo, you will see the TJD-1727 marking, but the frequencies are different. 1700-2100 and 1700-2700. This is China, only the sticker may differ at what frequency this design is actually designed without dimensions, it is difficult to say.
  6. Big sizes... 15 dbi ~ 200*200*200 mm
  7. Version3
  8. This is a slot-loop antenna. it is not necessary to execute the slowing-down structure on such elements. can be done with wire elements.
  9. An approximate model of one element without exact dimensions and optimization. Only the principle of construction.
  10. or all sizes are needed before modeling
  11. I'm glad you like my antenna. You are wrong with the choice of the disk size. Antenna SWR with optimal dimensions should not exceed 1.15 For example, here are two calculations, the first in FD and the second in TD. And in HFSS
  12. I've been looking at this for a long time
  13. It is very difficult. I came up with a much simpler one. For making with your own hands. Simplicity of design and availability of materials. Use it. Newbie, from Russia with love.