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  1. Maybe ill solder,,, doesn't changing the material will change the resistivity and hence , the impedance??? Like Copper is 2x of Aluminium, Can i use Galvanised Iron Sheet too, which has like 4 to 5 times more resistivity in compared to Aluminium????
  2. hii,,,, can i use copper sheet instead of aluminium, or does the dimensions changes when copper is used???
  3. hiii,,,, can i use 2mm thick aluminum sheet as reflector instead of 1.5,,,, as in my area i got only 2 options of either 1mm or 2mm,,,,,,
  4. Excellent ??, I am surprised how a guy like andrew mcneil didn't mentioned such important thing in any of his videos, thats why the comment section of such videos is always polarised with people claiming antenna to be working very good and some claiming it is all BS,,,,
  5. Yup thanks, that will help, A really quick question, i used lmr 400 cable instead of rg402 andrew mcneil used in his biquad feed which is relatively too thicker also my cable length was about 1meter. might that be the reason why my biquad didnt worked? Forgive me I am still learning........
  6. I was trying to make a antenna for my self, i built a biquad Andrew mc neil design (satellite feed one) but I failed terribly , my tp link archer t2u plus wifi usb with 5dbi gain worked 5x better than this one, So now I am quitting to make antenna and ebay and aliexpress doesnt deliver where i live, so my only option left is printing PCB antenna, can anybody provide me file with all the details so i can print one.....