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  1. OK! I'm not in a hurry, how is this option?
  2. 1 did not. Option 2 showed a good result. count the size of the strip
  3. how is the antenna calculation?
  4. I will wait for the antenna model with calculations.
  5. I also thought about it, but I don't know much about antenna modeling. Really modem can recognize which antenna to download which upload?
  6. here are my frequencies
  7. size 4 patch
  8. not! Please do not write in the picture in English, it is difficult to translate. You can count in the model?
  9. but speed is small.
  10. box from 7 patch antennas, RSRP 104 dbm; RSSI 78 dbm;
  11. One real antenna for 1800 kHz with dimensions and calculations !!! You offer me only pictures, that's all. You offer Kharchenko. which is everywhere on the internet. one that I offered you, calculate with detailed sizes, with the schedule. which can be collected at home. If not, then good luck to you.
  12. or that