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  1. hahah sori mas/mbak..berhubung forum english..saya bisa sikit2 aja english
  2. well i'm newbie on antenna topic (specialy 2.4 ghz wifi) , but I'm glad to learn and make it wifi antenna varian, so i read the forum Lan23 ru, and search everything on that forum, im not on skill the cst, hfss and other software for microwive, i just read and follow the measurement on the post and abakadabra i have 2.4 antenna, at lan23ru im very interesting with user jomy, he's antenna design and idea make my spirit to make it all antenna any design,,(just hobbi). and what i read in this forum and post,,now i make decision that the admin of this forum is jomy (am i right)..so sorry for my noob,thanks admin nice to join (banyk org kite juge disini ya kang??xixii.
  3. can we get the measurement of this antenna?
  4. well both of you need to meet. heheh
  5. may 2400 - 2480? its interesting to try another model..but please measure 0.5mm and 1mm thickness material,,thanks admin..
  6. can we measure in 2.4 ghz?