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Konus Wi-Fi antenna

Wi-Fi antenna "Konus" with gain up to 17 dBi (maximum 16.8 dBi). The antenna is made of composite materials, the output is an F-connector (if you wish, you can install two connectors-free of charge).All four types of SMA connectors can be installed (SMA-male, RP-SMA-male, SMA-Female, and RP-SMA-Female).Wi-Fi antennas are usually used to receive or transmit signals from home routers or from free Wi-Fi access points of operators installed in localities. To receive a signal, you can use both a Wi-Fi adapter and almost any Wi-Fi router configured in repeater mode. The router is even more convenient, you can immediately receive and distribute a Wi-Fi signal.




Material Dielectric Constant - Polypropylene -2,1,,,,,2,4

dielectric constant.jpg

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