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Actions for which you will receive a warning (warn):
- Off-topic - If you deviate from the topic of discussion of a topic
- Double position - Do not do several consecutive positions
- Useless posting - You can not only for the sake of posting but only if you have something useful to say
- Reopen topic - Check if the last post in a topic, if it hasn't been posted for a few years, you don't post either
- Member insult - No attacks on the person or swearing
- Inappropriate name - For a topic, choose a title that summarizes the post
- Inappropriate language - Follow grammar rules, without sh, tz or anything else, you are not on IRC
- Referral links - No adf.ly or other mess

- Creating a forum account just to request invitations on trackers, other forums, etc.

- Other: any deviation that does not fall into these categories

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