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  1. Hello everybody I wonder if rescaling an LPDA 9EL antenna for the new American HDTV can be used to feed my 0.98cm parabolic antenna.
  2. How can I do that?? can you show me please
  3. I'm sorry, friends, I didn't know how to explain myself well. I really don't have the CM4251, I wish I had it. I have a 98cm parabolic not dish type made at home and what I need is an antenna to feed it that its working range will serve me for the HD television channels that the USA transmits, which would be the ATSC standard,antenna should be the best possible because I live in Cuba and the distance is 90 miles, although I don't know if the gain should come from the antenna itself or from the parabola. I hope I have explained myself better and many thanks to the friends who help me with their comments. Greetings from Cuba.
  4. Yes let me explain and I apologize for my english I speak spanish as my mother language. So the problema is that I have a 98cm home made parabolic antenna and I need to make an adaptation of the CM4251 feed that fit to my 98cm parabolic antenna and I don't known how to do it. If exist another antenna type (I mean feed antenna) much better in gain etc than the CM4251 one would be better to use with mine please let me know the measure please. Thank you friend.
  5. Hi i would like to know how to make a 7" CM4251 feed adaptation into 0.98m parabolic antenna. If someone can help me I appreciate a lot. Thanks