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  1. ok i will try it i'm really exited. do you have same papers for the properties of this waveguide?
  2. or do you think the dimensions in your drawing (29x8) are not relevant? If not is the parabolic curvature relevant? what can i expect for S11 and S21 in this setting? We are still looking for an ideal design, so i'm really interested in.
  3. why should i do this? as I said before i'm very limited in my dimensions. 12L x 10B is already the maximum we can use
  4. No, Our University Working Group is using a (little more complex) waveguide as a sampleholder to investigate dielectric properties. And i want to substantiate our measurements with simulations
  5. Its a original educational licence why? I think from the main Website
  6. I really think thats a problem of the 2017 Version, I will write the support
  7. OH MY DEAR, I found the problem :D:D:D I have no idea why this happend but CST is creating a working file folder and has no rights to write in this folder! After changing the Rights manually it worked!! beacause it can not overwrite the old files it says not possible to calculate. I'm so happy And thank you thousend times for your help!
  8. CST should be apble to open this Test.nas
  9. i dont see any option to do this. i google this wait a second
  10. what do you mean?
  11. This thing worked before. With results (S21, S11) similar to an existing measurement. Now I got the same array as ever Thru.cst
  12. i simulate all the time from 0 to 20 GHz . Thats the Frequenzy I'm interested in and its worked before, why should I change it?
  13. I don't understand this. I reinstalled CST and build up a totaly new microstrip in standard geometry. Runned a simulation and it WORKED! Then i saved it and added more and more copper to the sides to the top and so on. After every copper plate i runned a Simulation to test the new Setting. After adding the last one I've got the old error message "Adaptiv Port Meshing faild". I was shocked and had done it undone... but the error was still there. I opend the first microstrip which has worked , resimulated it and i've got the error message also. Maybe i should reinstall the old version
  14. i will do so, but that will take a wile. i'll get back after doing so. Thanks for everything!
  15. what tokens are ment with this?