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  1. Thanks Admin but I didn't find the answer i wanted. I try to explain better: since my design is very large, I'm using field sources and when I use field sources I have the F-parameters. I don't get them, are they like S-parameters? I just need to quantify the antenna to antenna coupling
  2. Yeah but one antenna has 2 discret port (1 and 2) and the other has 2 discrete ports (3 and 4). I need the coupling between [1,0]+[2,90] and [3,0]+[3,90]. I hope I was clear
  3. Where do I put the probes?
  4. Hi, I'm new to CST and antennas and I would like to evaluate the antenna to antenna coupling between two antennas on a satellite. I have two quadrifilar helix antennas. Each antenna is fed with two discrete ports. Do you know how to get the antenna to antenna coupling?