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  1. That is true, but I do not know how. Nor do I know how to determine what the impedance of an antenna currently is. This information is kept secret?
  2. Yes I've seen that thread before, it has a ready made design from the admin which works well for reception. But it does not explain anything or answer my questions. double biquad is for sending, not reception, i want to know its impedance so that I can broadcast with best pattern. I can't have power lost from a radiating coax.
  3. I have that software now, i'll learn to use it. Seeing that the impedance is 50 ohms makes me wonder about another antenna I made, this one for broadcasting, specifically channel 23 (487Mhz). I don't know what it's impedance is. Most biquads I see people make are 2.4Ghz ones with direct connection to coax, don't know how everything changes when whole antenna is nearly 90cm wide.
  4. Thanks for simulation, what program is that? outside gap between squares is 36mm, at that place strip is 20mm wide, otherwise 31mm I don't know how to calculate impedance. Want to try and get 300ohms, because I have a lot of 300-75 ohm baluns
  5. would be aluminium plate, with reflector
  6. Hello there, I'm making Biquad antenna for UHF TV in North of england, the winter hill transmitter, uses channels 29-55 or frequency range 538 to 754Mhz. Distance is about 30 kilometers, 100kW, and antenna will be used indoors. I haven't made it yet, but I drew it using measurements from online calculators, with smallest and biggest channel together, + a little extra (Channel numbers move a lot). Can someone look at it, make sure it is correct? What would impedance be? I have a lot of 300 to 75 ohm balun, if it needs one. thanks