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  1. Small report. With 0.5 mm aluminum it is a problem to cut by mill. Take 1mm or double-sided tape to attach to the plane. Was reserval foil glass fiber. It worked out. Some photos.
  2. Solder is not a problem. The big problem is to manufacture in size... There are solders for tinning aluminum or just a small brass tube. Just all need to be isolated from moisture. That was not a galvanic couple. IMHO. There is a foil of brass, but too thin... Here's another I found about this antenna: http://teknikkomputerjaringan.com/membuat-pcb-antenna-sectoral-2-4ghz-14dbi/
  3. Thank You. But it's hard to understand the design. (Can we infringe copyright?) There is a reflector, vibrator, Director. What is the distance between them? The size of the reflector what? Antenna interesting for me accuracy a repeat of. This will allow my CNC. You can just hand cut out of aluminium, but the accuracy will be less. Thanks again.
  4. It's gonna be really good. If IT's not hard. Thank You. On the top photo of the theme is not clear. There's a reflector in there. It's not shown at all. Its size??? I... the distance between the reflector, resonator, and Director. (weird translation of some) I Hope everything is clear. Thank You.
  5. Homemade product. Box 900mm to 900mm. Screen ArtCAM knowingly shown above.
  6. Thank You. Linear dimensions are clear from the picture with cells. The patch axis size is not clear. 5-6-7...mm? The material found. Aluminum 0.5 mm. I will cut on the CNC machine. The result will show.
  7. Interesting option. Slightly corrected the file. A screenshot of what happened. File itself. Material pick up and make CNC machine pattern. Not found what is the distance between patches. Poke your nose... Thanks to the developer!!! https://cloud.mail.ru/public/LyQi/KhUFfD8Hr https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2RVn/NgvaNWyUs MIMO 14_dbi.dxf