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  1. hi everyone I wanted to ask for information kindly, I built a double biquad wifi and it gives me a nice + 13db of gain. if I stretched the double biquad the db increase? there is in the sense the more squares I put together and the more power in db I have after? if the answer is yes each biquad together how many db increases? ... I would like to try to experiment a little bit of everything here
  2. hello everyone I wanted to ask for information, do you think a yagi can work by putting the biquad instead of the dipole? I would like to experiment with a 4g antenna as in the drawing
  3. if I do the dipole with 1.5mm copper with the same measurements is it okay or do I have to do it from 0.4mm?
  4. BANDWIDTH at 0.4mm diameter would be THIN (some Mhz) thin wire High Q Factor , small bandwidth ie what does it mean?
  5. https://www.changpuak.ch/electronics/Dipole_folded.php . how do you calculate and find the measure E = 2 * R in the dipole at 2600 mhz??
  6. ok I understand, now I will find a 0.4mm metal wire for the dipole and with the other elements I use 1.5mm copper wire
  7. https://www.changpuak.ch/electronics/Dipole_folded.php 2600mhz . quale calcolo devo usare per trovare E = 2 * R ?? . devo moltiplicare Raggio R * 2?
  8. Yes it is that. the only thing is that the diameter of the copper dipole is 0.4mm, I have 1.5mm in the house, can it be okay?
  9. Thank you. I wanted to kindly ask about things: what is the difference between isolated and non-isolated boom ?. in the dipole it tells me that I have to use a metal wire of 0.4mm, if I use copper wire of 1.5mm it is not good?
  10. hello everyone I am doing the yagi uda DL6WU antenna at 2600mhz I would like to ask only if the dipole goes lower or higher in the boom or is it okay?. some time ago I created a 2,4ghz yagi and thanks to your dipole measurements it worked !!
  11. hello everyone can you help me calculate the yagi wifi dipole measurements? I can't understand the measurements and how to do it once 2400 mhz has been entered, what should I do?https://www.changpuak.ch/electronics/Dipole_folded.php