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  1. Hi Do you mind to share your cst file ?
  2. Yup it is about polarization of antenna. I think you can Google about how the signal is propagated in your country. The wrong polarization will antuallt cost a big drop to the signal
  3. Yagi

    I am using CST studio 2017. other details is shown in the photo
  4. Yagi

    Thanks sir, are you using CST 2020 because my version is not compatible. Can you export the model so it can be use in other cst version?
  5. Yagi

    I am looking for 60 or 65cm. HI, do you have offset parabolic model?
  6. Yagi

    HI, do you have offset parabolic model?
  7. Yagi

    We are using CST studio. It is easy to start with
  8. Hi admin, can you teach me how to create offset parabolic reflector?
  9. Yagi

    In addition, the cable selection also very important, if the system are 50 ohm, better look for 50ohm cable, and select RG8U or LMR400, i think this two cables are the most common cable can be found in market with lowest signal losses. Anyway looking forward for your reply. Hope I can help you as much as I can
  10. Yagi

    Sir may I know which modem you are using(model and number) ? Your country LTE has using which band? Modem has how many port for 4g antenna? What are the input impedance of the modem(50 ohm) ? I think i can give you some oppinion on antenna selection, modem selection, and antenna setup advice. I had imported the TXR185 before: https://images.app.goo.gl/KXE9rHe5aPBtvdN19 The design is not much different from yours. So far the TXR185 performance is just average.
  11. Yagi

    Let us simulate in software and see the performance first, there is many others good antenna too.
  12. Yagi

    Hi jeriyant, is the copper tube are insulated? Can you test the connection whether the two copper tube in the dipole is shorted? The structure look weird
  13. Yagi

    Hi, I got installed the antenna you shown before. The results are not satisfying. If you would like to use yagi antenna better looks for LPDA (700-2700Mhz). If you are looking for high gain and wideband antenna, better look for parabolic antenna with feedhorn. You are an installer or antenna designer?
  14. Yagi

    Hi Jervant, where you come from?
  15. The results they shown are also bad. Swr 2.1 at 1.7Ghz... Please take your time to read my previous results and clanon simulation results...