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  1. "Additionally, you need to solder or rivet the cables from the same material with a size of 34x14mm. The antenna uses two flat square screens: Lower 220x220, above 95x95." Hi, May I know what is the distances between the two flat square screens and driven element? and where is the feeding point? Besides, "5,5x9" in this figure, is this means 5x9mm with 5mm thickness?
  2. Anyone had tested this SWR and gain? Thinking to make a dual polarized Bester feed out of this.
  3. I see, but the 125ohm cable is half-wave length. May be you can simulate the result in 125 ohm? Any ways to open 2020 file in 2017 version?
  4. Hi can you gv use the material and dimensions? Regards
  5. Why 300 ohm is used? the cable is 50 ohm, and I am using 50ohm tested it out
  6. I think the impedance match cable are half-wave length without shielding (not sure how many ohm, but I suppose is 125 ohm)
  7. Hi Clanon, the cst file had some problem. Anyone can provide me the cast file?
  8. Hi, the dimensions you shown above are correct
  9. Here are the s-paramter for the folded dipole itself only. It seem like having 4 different working frequency. So bad 2.6Ghz is missing which is a common LTE frequency
  10. Here are the resonances frequency
  11. I will post soon, but i think the manufacturer tested the antenna wth the 10 meter RG58 cable in roll (as shown on the photo in the first post), which means ghe manufacturer has wrong steps in testing the antenna.
  12. Today i had received and tested the antenna. The results is not similar as stated