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  1. did you manage to check if the red dimensions are optimal? No worries if not, sorry if you are a busy man
  2. Looking forward to it! :-)
  3. Hi, I can make it any size as I will be fabricating it from copper or galvanised sheet. Whatever is the optimum dimensions, your design is nice and short so keep the length as small as possible.
  4. OK, thanks for the reply, I'l maybe try the red dimensions and see how it goes
  5. I thought it already was
  6. Yes but performance is very similar and you have managed to get Dual frequency from the cantenna
  7. Are the red dimensions in your first post the 'optimal' dimensions?
  8. I like the look of this... it seems to be as good (if not better than) the 2.4Ghz Patch antenna.... and it can do 5Ghz too! The size is perfect.
  9. Yes, this makes good sense but the container cannot be that big so I will stick with your single feed design, thankyou for you great advice
  10. Ah, Yes, I am stupid
  11. simplepatch.IGS
  12. Thank you my friend
  13. Hi, I do not have CST but would like the dimensions if possible please? Maybe you can upload the model file in solidworks or step?