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  1. Thank you Clanon. I will do this project soon an post about it. Thank you for your help.
  2. Thank you Clanon, I just read in another post that it should be a RG-174 cable. Now, onto welding the cable, I should weld the copper inner part to the left arrow and the mesh ( that would be ground, correct?) to the place where it is the right arrow. Did I understood it correctly? Like in this case: OR LIKE THIS ONE: right?
  3. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to modify the following device. It is a Dahua Doorbell DB10. The range of this doorbell is very limited, which creates a lot of latency problems due to the weak wifi connection. Perhaps it would have been better to get an antenna extension for the WIFI router, but since I cannot drill the wall to place the antenna facing outside, this was my last option. My idea is to get a cable to solder to the places the antenna was soldered and then connect it to the antenna of a broke router or perhaps build a directional antenna. If you could be so gentle to inform me, what materials should I use to connect the device with the new antenna: - Cable RG? LMR? what type? Any type of information will be much apreciated. I should weld a piece of the cable from one side to the other, and then from that same side to the antenna, correct? Here i took apart the antenna that was inside the device.