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  1. FR of the antenna is within required range for B3(1800) And B1(2100). And as i mentioned before i use good quality dielectric coax cable RFC400, and also 5 maters for this kind of cable is considered short and very little attenuation. Maybe i will try to get 1 meter or 75cm cables and test it later , but i dont guess the issue is from cables as the cables i have is good quality low loss cables, see datasheet: http://www.shireeninc.com/wp-content/uploads/PDF-files/PDF- CABLE Spec Sheets/Coaxial Cables/Specs-RFC400.pdf I will try a larger dish maybe, currently i have 80cm i guess, i will try to get 120 and see.
  2. I do have parabolic mimo antenna KIP9-1700/2700 antenna. B525 Router. using 50 Ohm RFC400 cables (6 meters long) . I get low signal (2-3 bars max) on 4G+: RSRQ most of the times worse than -6db, maybe goes to -9dB, -13dB. So basically i want to get better performance/speed.
  3. Hi Guys, Im new to this and would like to learn from you as i see a lot of you are very experienced with antenna stuff, So i saw this on aliexpress: SBB5089 + RF2126 1800~2400MHz 1W RF power amplifier , And would like to know if it will work for LTE ? , if i connect it inline between the router and antenna, will it help increase the reception signal ? interested in Bands 1 (2100) and B3(1800). https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001317616347.html