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  1. Made according to the project of the admin. After the dielectric racks come, I will collect and share the result. P.S. Material - stainless steel 0.5 mm
  2. We are waiting for the simulation.
  3. I admit, I was wrong)))
  4. maybe because the first option has a higher side height?
  5. No no))) The same as in your previous model
  6. The antenna turned out to be very beautiful. And what are its dimensions? P.S. And if you put it in a cup (cut bucket)?
  7. Does 1800MHz need a larger size?
  8. I just need it for a frequency of 1800 MHz (mimo)
  9. But here the SWR is not very good at 1800 and at 2600
  10. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to make a batwing mimo irradiator
  11. Have the last messages been deleted?
  12. Interestingly, and if 4 pieces of such batwing are connected together, how to match them? or
  13. Batwing "folk antenna". At the end of the video, a test. 130 megabits issued in the basement in the room