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  1. If you make it in a "bucket"? Will the gain be added?
  2. Admin, but what if you do batwing Covid-20, in such a square bucket from Harry36?
  3. and what is its gain?
  4. I just do not understand, where is the antenna web itself?
  5. I think an error has crept in here
  6. I meant the antenna feed itself
  7. parabolic reflector from Kroks KNA 27 P.S. As it goes on sale, you need to buy, take measurements, and make a drawing
  8. no! irradiator Kroks KNA 27 looks different (look in google) I watched this video, it says that this irradiator is not even available yet!
  9. it is broadband. from 800 to 2600 ghz
  10. I watched the video on YouTube, test different antennas. The guys showed a new parabolic antenna feed. A very interesting design! And easily repeatable at home. I understand it is based on Log-periodic antennas?
  11. can you share the file from CST?
  12. so in it and open your file
  13. This is exactly how (like the bottom picture) opens in Compass 3D
  14. I still do not understand which is correct? or