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  1. Yes i want at least 500mb and there is no internet. Now I live at 15 km away from new location and i have very good internet, but there is no internet at all. I just need some good and professional advice to have stable and good connection there.
  2. Hello, i will move away from town and I will need powerful internet. I'm looking a solution for a highspeed band and low ping. What you advise me to buy for an internet bridge. I will move on the field without tall builds only houses. In my house right now is a connection 1gbps with 5 ping over all connection in Romania and 40ms over google or extern servers and I need where i move at least 300-400 mbps and a ping about the same I have now. I want to use the internet from here to send out there over an antenna , bridge or something like that (I'm new in this and I don't know how). Can you please help,explain and advise me. Thank you and sorry for my bad english.