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  1. I apologize for the long response time... I've resumed this work now. I chose to build a biquad antenna. my interest was to increase the sim card signal, so I connected only one antenna. this modem has two antennas with two different frequencies; to find the right one I removed them one at a time, so I could see which of the two got the signal. I desoldered the three connectors of the old antenna and soldered the cable directly onto the PCB. I had some 75 ohm cable at home and it works quite well (the 50 ohm probably works better). the dish is made of aluminum and for the antenna I used the wire from a coat hanger, the black support is made of plastic. the actual gain is satisfactory, before I had 2 cleats, now I have 3-4 cleats out of 5. I recommend this modem for those who surf with a 4G sim card; it is reliable and consumes only 2 watts (6 watts in download). I want to thank you for the help I have received on this site, and I hope to be of help to someone with what I have posted
  2. Is there any software for tracing the router signal in db?
  3. When I complete the work I will post the images. I would also like to report the gain but unfortunately the control panel of the router has only the graphic mode.
  4. Ok, thank you. I have thinked about it and I want to try to connect an antenna like a wifi gun home made. For example:
  5. the antennas are glued on top of each black plastic support and are covered with a black adhesive tape. You can see the shape of the antenna if the photo has been taken against the light. Under the plastic supports there are the connectors, when the board will be inserted into the plastic supports they will match with the connectors of the board.
  6. Hi, this is the huawei router e8378ws-210, it works with a sim data for Wifi connection. Inside it has an antenna for the 4g signal. Is it possible to solder a coaxial cable for connecting an external antenna in order to improve the 4g signal? Thanks