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  1. Inside my water proof box A small hole is drilled in the bottom in case of water, its 1mm so difficult to see.
  2. I am looking for ways to improve my setup. Is there any difference in the fake ALFA and the real deal? I have to admit, I have the fake one from DX.com... (Shame on me?) Any suggestions or is my connection lost in Noise? I get like 40 strong AP's. I get 1Mbit up and 1Mbit down. Still, better than no internet
  3. Here is some more info about my setup. When making a long range Wi-Fi connection, it's advisable to place the antenna and Wi-Fi USB adapter in a waterproof box outdoor. However, the USB cable cannot be more than 5 m due to signal loss and voltage drop. Previously I used cat. 5 as a USB cable, but 5m is not long. It worked sometimes with 10m and 6m, but sometimes the computer would not recognice the item when you plugged it in. So what I did was I bought two adapters from e-bay, and used some recycled cat. 5 cable. There are 8 wires in a Cat. 5 cable, 4 pairs. One pair is used for the signal, and 2 pairs are used for plus, and 1 pair for -. Thus, voltage drop is kept as low as possible. I have tested it with 20m cat 5 cable, voltage drop was under 0.2V so no problem. I soldered in two missing electrolytic capacitors, 10uF 16V across + and -. The ad says maximum of 45m (150ft), but I had only use for 20m. Besides voltage drop on 45m is a bit high for the USB modem. Tip1: To get the cable with connector in a gland, you can cut the gland in one side. (Note glands should at all times be in bottom of a box to avoid water ingress!) Tip2: Peel of the outher sheath of the cable in a length of 20cm. Then you can insert the cable in a window and close it. Cat. 5 cable is 0.25mm2 thick, so 20m gives a voltage dop of: [ 0,0175 * 20 * 2 ] /0.25*3= 0,93 Ohm (2*20 because of + and - wire that are both 20m long, and 3 wires are used in paralell) U=I*R=0,25*0,93=0,23V USB output is normally 5.25V to compensate for volage drop in cable, so this should be ok for an ALFA adapter drawing 250mA 5V.
  4. I will post some connection pictures when I get back next week!
  5. I simply used an usb cable I cut, I kept the lead as short as possible. At first I used 10m. Then I,sometimes got some trouble connecting. I then reduced it to 6m. I believe 5m is the maximum length of an usb cable.
  6. Some more info on my setup: Cat. 5 cable length is 6m. + and - is transffered via 6 wires, USB communication on pair blue and white. Two capacitors approx. 10uF is connected in both ends of + and - to avoid noise from power supply into communication pair. A 1m coax is soldered directly to the tin can, center of wire is 30mm. It's 0,5mm thick. Question: What is the best length of antenna element? I see some places Ø should be 3mm and length 31mm. I am considering using the patch antenna instead of the cantenna for feeder. Would this improve signal? The coax from the USB adapter to cantenna is 1m long. I need this cable because of water tight box. Antenna is placed outdoor... Cables enters the box in the bottom to aboid water ingress. Coax cable is professional type, double outer braid.
  7. Unfortunately no open APs... but you know what I am thinking of. Reaver did not work... and I painted it military green for comuflage. But grey would have worked better I assume...
  8. Here is my parabolic antenna. The focus was calculated using the with of the antenna. Length of coax center was 31mm, but cutting it to 30mm gave better signal. Then I added two washers. Inside the water proof box there is a fake ALFA USB WiFi adapter from DealExtreme.com. I get 100% signal from an AP 500m away. From 2km I get 75%. Unfortunately there are 40 APs and some are very strong sending out noise on the same channels... Any tips to improve the system? Will original ALFA adapter help?
  9. I have made 2 antennas. They seem to perform ezactly the same, I got same signal strength on both. I thought the patch,antenba would perform better but no luck. On the patch antenna, should the plates be grounded via the 6mm center bolt? I also made a parabolic dish, but I am not sure if the feeder horn is optimal. I started with 31mm lengt for antenna inside can, but signal got better cutting it 1mm and inserting two washers at bottom. The USB adapter is Deal Extreme ALFA adapter, 3070 chip but probably fake. I have used a 6m cat. 5 cable for USB. Any thoughts on improvement? Dish is oval, not sure if I,got the focus point correctly. But I get 100% 500m away signal...