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  1. here this for 400 to 800 mhz
  2. thanks master for shearing >..1!!!
  3. im see some like KIP9-1700/2700 DP for satellite dish it is 60cm can i get 120cm that it is good or bad too
  4. the cdma evdo 800 + 450 it is 34km 3G + 4G i think it is 28km some tower wimax it is veary good but so far
  5. what it is best material to build high gain antenna - im see some like KIP9-1700/2700 DP for satellite dish but idont know what the rang
  6. this for broadband want powre full antenna town to village 34 km for 3G -2100 4G 1800 + 2600 CDMA 800 / 450 antenna for bosting wifi 2.4
  7. hello master i have modem 3g and 4g and cdma evdo 800 / 450 but i want powerful antenna how i can make
  8. hello friend im new here , i need some help , i live in poor aria - now im on the town - in my village no covering signal mobile broadband , just i have GSM 900 MHZ - for calling , i want to make some powre full antenna for 3G -2100 / 4G 1800 + 2600 / CDMA 800 / 450 - I want to make some help like small ISP i have tp link TL-R470T+ Load Balance - and i want to connect 4 modem 3g or cdma or 4g te i get full speed - and i want to share internet for my small village - town to village 34 km .... thank you