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  1. Thanks, I'll try, but I need a little time to remember. By the way, here on the forum I found material on using CST, also useful material. Could you also try to improve this antenna, anyway your experience is invaluable?!
  2. So this is not original russian antenna? That's why we need to further simulations ?
  3. Yes, I once studied at the university on the subject of "antenna-feeder devices"
  4. But it must be adjusted at 1800 MHz, if it's possible could you present CST file.
  5. Greetings to radists In second attempt/episode of "that looks easy, let's do it instead of buying" reality show I finally got 2.5 vswr max in main port and surprisingly amazing 1.8 vswr in second port without cylinders. I suppose vswr in main port is high due to bad soldering, after bending it's like mission impossible to reach this pin. Before bending, soldering is easy but hard to bend. I will try once more, are there any other things I need to consider to get lower vswr in main port i may be not keep in mind. Any suggestions are welcomed Huge thanks to admin for his hints
  6. How come? It's 1700-2200mhz, without cylinders will narrow to 1700-2600mhz? 2) these cylinders are not connected to main antenna in original version, why should I connect it to main part by metal spacer?
  7. for what frequency range it will be narrow.
  8. how these cylinders should be placed, using 8mm metal or plastic spacer. And will it work without these 4 pcs cylinders
  9. What about thickness? 1mm is currently used Or should be less?
  10. I cut piece A and created piece B with welding parts If spacers is plastic, is it okay?
  11. Sure I got this, I bended and riveted, then soldered the part with small hole to connector's pin. It's hard because there's so little space that soldering gun can't reach. 2) are there 4pieces cylinders over this? What's distance height from bottom they should be located? Will it have good gain without them also? If not what's their diameter? Any help appreciated Best regards, Rizo
  12. Is it soldered by robots? I'm having hard time soldering this. I think this may be reason for high vswr. Also the machine didn't cut edges well, but I polished them to be ideally smooth. Hope next time it will work, it's almost cost of new one but I believe this experience is priceless
  13. To say the truth, I got two same parts and somehow managed to solder(weld) them together and got this. However second connection's standing wave ratio is way higher, around 4-6.
  14. Hello dear members of this very great forum, separate huge appreciation to Admin. I'm wondering if anyone can help where is the second part round pair of cicrles. By all the sudden, I started thinking about it when I got the two same details in hand and wondered how was I suppose to do soldering job here. Any help is really appreciated Best regards, Rizo