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  1. Unclear in iota base stations for different reception and transmission
  2. The weekend is always bad and the weather rains 90% humidity
  3. Many thanks to the admin for help when there is time I will make it easier on the first page!
  4. Sorry, I just confuse the sizes and frequencies, I'm doing textolite tubes now, when I do everything and insert the pictures.
  5. 1845 MHz f=14 L=64,1725 MHz f18 L=65 vice versa 1845 MHz f=18 L=65 1725 MHz f=14 L=64 ?
  6. Dimensions are correct 1845 MHz f=14 L=64,1725 MHz f18 L=65 ?
  7. I already do I need the right sizes for each frequency L, f
  8. Dimensions are correct 1845 MHz f=14 L=64,1725 MHz f18 L=65 ?
  9. Thanks admin I am making an antenna. Can I put a piece of birch instead of a bolt between the reflector and the director? Are the bolts closed metals, should plastic?
  10. 75 ом сравнение 50 ом 75 ohm comparison of 50 ohms
  11. Хорошо:) bи не терпением жду:) ,,, Good I look forward to
  12. Хочу такую прошу начерти другое 75 ом,у нас в деревне не валяется пенапластироль ,,, I want this please draw another 75 ohm, in our village there is no foam plastic