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  1. Yessss Is it this one?
  2. Ok, which projects do you recommend for my purposes? Is this one ok? Which are the ones more tolerant to construction imperfections (considering this is my first attempt) Thanks
  3. I also have a few rubber duck antennas from old access point I can disassemble
  4. I'd like to build an indoor antenna with low gain but wide angles like this one, and two directional to make a point to point link to my grandparents home. The simplest the construction, the better I have tv antenna cable, solid copper wire of different diameter and some nice hard disk platter that i can reuse, could they be useful?
  5. You're right, I can't I'm not sure I can weld iron too, I just have small weller with 80w iron, is it ok? Otherwise is it possible to build the antenna using screws to lock the wires? Please excuse me if I'm having stupid ideas, it's all new for me
  6. Hello Admin, a few days ago I decided to have some wifi experiments at home and found your forum with all these information...wow! I'm not experienced and have few tools to work with, but I'd like to build some of your projects. Is it possible to build this antenna using thinner aluminium foil like beer or cola can? Also can you please recommend me which cable and connector to use and where to buy: ebay, mouser..? Many thanks Lorenzo