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  1. ,,, okay try to do it when you have time....!!!!
  2. Can this design be extended? (700-900) - (1700-2700) - (3330-3800)
  3. try post cst file!!!
  4. Version with parasitic director.
  5. Or something like this, Petra 10 analog. Can be done in MIMO?
  6. Yes please send on DM !!!
  7. Ask Harry36 he made cst file.
  8. ye it is https://kroks.ru/shop/antenny-gsm-3g-4g-wifi/panelnaya-mimo-4x4-4g5g-antenna-kroks-kaa10-17004200/ it uses circular patches inside
  9. give dimensions for 1700-4200 mhz kroks patch antenna. can be mimo.