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  1. Friends, what sizes? I am going to repeat it soon.
  2. Will not close the useful area of the satellite dish (30 cm) this simple antenna? How much can it be reduced for 3 dbi?
  3. before these pins there is another small reflector of interesting shape
  4. At me unfortunately the irradiator is not present. On the video you can see how it is arranged. https://www.ubnt.com/airmax/powerbeam-ac-gen2/
  5. Let's think about it. You can offer an irradiator with a gain of 3 dbi and a size of not more than 50x50? All Ubiquiti PowerBeam models have an irradiator with a gain of 3 dbi. Think they do not know how to do better? I want to use a reflector from this antenna and I need a small reflector to not close the useful size of the antenna. I will be happy with any of your ideas!
  6. print on the printer, paste on sheet iron and cut
  7. I attach the file in the old format. Layout for carving mimo1800.vsd
  8. I downloaded my file and opened it. Visio 2016
  9. layout for carving mimo1800.vsdx
  10. Than it is bad? Isolation between ports is available only for systems consisting of two antennas, each of which operates in a separate polarization
  11. What can you say about the amplification on the edges of the LTE 1800 range in Russia? I have an assumption that this antenna has a bad outcome between ports.
  12. I suggest testing the design of this antenna. Jomy, I ask you to simulate the antenna. Impedance-50 Om Gain-9 dBi
  13. what is the distance between the first and second ports?