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  1. Hi everyone! I work on printed log periodic antenna in 300...400 MHz band and I found out that the theoretical expressions do not give a good result and antenna still needs an optimization. While optimizing I faced to a problem, that the CST optimizer changes all parameters in the same time so the structure is changed dramatically. Give me please an advise how to run the optimization of the antenna structure while saving arm's dimensions ratio. Here is the .cst file Thank you in advance Log Periodic.cst
  2. Found the axial ratio here
  3. Hi Admin!! I have the 2023 version. Yeah, sure. Here is my .cst file of my V-inverted dipole Dipole 351 antenna ver 3.cst
  4. Hi guys! I'm working on a spacecraft deployable antenna for the 300 - 400 MHz band. I found a good article on the subject of vibrator antenna and simulated it. I have encountered two problems: 1. I was not able to get a better VSWR than is shown in the figure. Maybe someone can optimize it better than me? 2. My CST does not show the axial ratio. How to solve this problem? Thanks in advance! Design Optimization of an Inverted V-dipole.pdf Dipole 351 antenna ver 3.cst
  5. The model looks pretty nice! Could you please share the .cst file or dimensions? I would like to scale this model for another band
  6. Hi! I found this construction in a one publication and it seemed to me suitable for my task. Now I am going to find the design method or formulas / Thank you for the link. It is really useful!
  7. Hi everyone! I am looking for formula (or model) for calculation this type of Vivaldi antenna for broadband applications (3 GHz to 6 GHz) The feeding of this type of antenna is very suitable for flat shield mounting Thanks in advance