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  1. wow apple how to make such shape in cst?
  2. I do not know what to write 233.cst
  3. nice modification little router
  4. nice brother take advantage of the goods that are around us
  5. I never made a thing like this but I never photographed because my smartphone was stolen but now I focus on making my own antennas, but there's a word "plagiarized"
  6. this is my first pacman mimo antenna .... posting on the forum is my idea so i can save the material but generate mimo antenna
  7. where reflektor?
  8. please mention the ideal value for s11, s12, s21, s22 ..... please mention the ideal value for s11, s12, s21, s22 ..... because when i try mimo sectoral simulation i also get some times value as above
  9. brother, please send file cst for sxt
  10. ok brother, actually I want to learn the process of making the cst file, for adding knowledge
  11. brother please send this file cst
  12. I will try it, if it does not work I need your help to make the tutorials to make it easier for me to understand
  13. brother, I want to make an antenna with reflector pxl = 68mm x 67mm driven = 52mm x 51mm director = 47.6mm x 47.2mm distance reflector to driven = 1.7mm distance driven to director = 3.5mm please help me to make a tutorial in CST Studio I was very confused when I made it in CST studio