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  1. hahha lol
  2. I think the sxtlite5 vibrator antenna might be like this model
  3. yes right, and for its development depends on our imagination
  4. this vibrator, not same with sxt lite5 but is my imagination
  5. this model antena sxt lite5
  6. maybe more similar to sxtlite5 antenna whose gain is increased
  7. The Mantbox 15s antenna is a dual chain Mimo but I am surprised if I see the back side there are 4 feed points and 2 connectors can anyone explain about this?
  8. when simulating with CST what material does the simulation use?
  9. nice brother but what I'm looking for is with three feed points is there anything like that? I want to try making an antenna for the WR940N router
  10. nice article brother but, i not understand because language ukraina is there another version that uses english?
  11. I am confused, router factories such as ubnt, mikrotik, router channel option on the frequency band 5170mhz - 5875mhz .... question is ... Is the antenna made by ubnt / mikrotic swr matching value starting frequency band 5170mhz - 5875mhz ????
  12. my pc RAM 4GB AMD Atlhon X4 am3 is work
  13. i think same for driven i think copper