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  1. my pc RAM 4GB AMD Atlhon X4 am3 is work
  2. i think same for driven i think copper
  3. what reflector uses material?
  4. freq 60Ghz not for long range but 60ghz highest throughput
  5. please give me tutorial how to create wings on reflektor
  6. not same, according to admin my design is not good still the better model that you give the picture
  7. maybe yes, maybe no .....because the design has a design from a VJJT antenna from chinese
  8. I don't have this device because it's very expensive ... the device I have is only an indoor router that I modified into an outdoor router
  9. I think that this mantbox 15s antenna is arranged in parallel because it can be seen from the video that there are 16 patches ... 8 on the right and 8 on the left, so that the resulting angle is greater what do you think of my brother?
  10. mantbox 15s is 15dbi mimo dual polarization 120 degree well, we see there are two separate antennas but dual polarization ... 1. The question is whether the 2 antennas are arranged in series or arranged in parallel? 2. the second question, can 1 mimo model router be installed with the same antenna model as the mantbox?
  11. its real 120 dbi how to create antena model mantbox 15s
  12. review inside RB921GS-5HPacD-15S (mANTBox-15s) 15dbi 120 degree from my friend
  13. mimo kotak products that I sell on facebook