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  1. WOW ....its A lot better than my old build....many thanks Admin.....
  2. Dear Admin...., Can u help me simulate this Bowtie antenna...many thanks in advance
  3. Dear admin...i prefer ""gamma match"" if posible to match the antenna..
  4. dear admin, but i still dont understand your drawing ....on what is 1000mm ?? is it a reflector also what is it 170mm ...is it a director
  5. Dear admin.. i have question of the picture shown below. is it a matching impedance 75 Ohm ??
  6. so a macthing 4:1 balun must be used ???
  7. Dear Admin.....may i know 1. what is the impedance between F F ?? 2. can use standard 3C coaxial 75ohm directly beetween F F ??
  8. will try it for next TV antenna project...many thanks Admin
  9. sorry for BAD hand drawing of the antenna...
  10. i finally build this UHF TV antenna... perform quite good....design based on rothamnel antenna book....
  11. 1. admin...i just realize that the bandwith is narrow compared to the first design that bejonet build.. 2. how long the distance between supporting bolt ?? 3. plan to build the antenna with 0.3mm galvanized sheet...
  12. its..Okay Admin......tnx a lot for correction....i have draw the biquad in COREL DRAW....
  13. many thanks admin....i will build soon ..after find I the software to print it such drawing...
  14. i'd like to build this antenna for TV channel UHF 25 (500 - 550 mhz)...if some one has PDF scale 1:1 file for biquad antenna would be greAt.... tnx a lot admin...