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  1. And how to arrange 2 ports? 90 or 120 degrees?
  2. Will it work on 2 ports with a 75 ohm cable?
  3. Will it work on 2 ports with a 75 ohm cable?
  4. I watched. How many disks can you add to an antenna? Until 12, 16, 20?
  5. You claim that the cable is 75 ohm for a TV. How can I explain what is used for the 1800 antenna?
  6. yagi

    Which one then? 50 ohm?
  7. yagi

    Which 2400 antenna with 75 ohm cable is suitable for a modem? https://jekolo.com/jekolo1/product/zte-universal-portable-4g-lte-wifi-mifi-modem-mf920vs/
  8. Does it work with a 75 ohm cable?
  9. And at what distance should they be placed?
  10. Is it possible to use 2 cables for the antenna?
  11. Does this antenna work with a 75 ohm cable?
  12. How many kilometers does such an antenna take?
  13. Are these dimensions correct for a 75 ohm cable? I have such an antenna did not work.