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  1. But if the distance between the reflector and the antenna disk is smaller, and the length of the central core of the connector is longer, then does the core need to be shortened? Is it possible?
  2. If you place two antennas in parallel and connect 2 ports independently, will they work well?
  3. Suitable for modem router zte mf920vs?
  4. Does this antenna operate in the frequency range 1800-2100? Because when I tested the antenna, it picked up frequencies 1800 and 2100.
  5. What do you mean, more signal? Show with an example.
  6. Is the distance 164mm between the reflectors?
  7. What is the cup for? What does it give?
  8. Are there lids of this size?
  9. solid lids? Shouldn't they be cut?
  10. And how to arrange 2 ports? 90 or 120 degrees?
  11. Will it work on 2 ports with a 75 ohm cable?
  12. Will it work on 2 ports with a 75 ohm cable?
  13. I watched. How many disks can you add to an antenna? Until 12, 16, 20?