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  1. this is alternative to circles? nice thanks. can you give me the dimensions? and if its possible dimensions for circle one for 3570mhz if it's different with 3400 that you post before.
  2. ok maybe i build both and compare them... just give me the diameter of the wire in your design please. tnx
  3. what you think about 3d-corner antenna compared to this? 3d-corner looks very easy to build. https://3g-aerial.biz/en/online-calculations/antenna-calculations/3d-corner-antenna-design-and-calculation which is better in your opinion fir 3570mhz ? thanks a lot.
  4. yes... thanks for information. when i chose quados antenna i didn't know that it has horizontal polarization. maybe amos antenna was a better choice. how is the polarization and 3d radiation pattern of patch array 2x3 that admin recommended?
  5. i don't have swr meter. i tried to build it as accurate as possible with my available tools. maybe the aiming was the problem. maybe i built it wrong. maybe cable was not good enough. even modem didn't detect it as an antenna.
  6. i think exact frequency is 3570 MHz is it possible to make all 6 circles and wires in one piece with laser cnc? or it must be wire?
  7. hi which antenna design you recommend for band 42 lte with high gain? i tried to build quados 8 antenna but it didn't work...
  8. hi i want to build this antenna for 3570 mhz frequency. using this guide: Quados antenna online calculator - 3G-aerial http://www.qsl.net/yu1aw/ANT_VHF/quados.pdf is "quados 8" a good choice? can i use thicker wire? why there is no connection to the reflector? also i don't know where solder the wires exactly! two sides of the antenna or the two ends of the antenna? it has a 4:1 balun so 3 center conductors must be soldered to antenna should i solder two ends of the antenna together? or they must be seperated? please draw it for me if you can. thanks a lot