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  1. Unfortunately not really an option, since I was looking for a wideband solution, but thank you for pointing me to this post!
  2. Hi everyone, I am attempting to make this antenna to work for ISM band (868-915 MHz). It seems that I am having troubles with the feeding structure, since the measured Return loss barely represents what I observe in simulations. The antenna is designed for the characteristic impedance of 200 ohms, so I am using the Mini-circuits 4to1 balun and connecting the balanced side rigth to the ends of helix, just as in the simulation. I cannot really find the reason for the discrepancy in the results, since even if I am feeding the antenna with unbalanced 50 Ohms it still demonstrates the return loss that is way off from the simulated results. I am attaching the simulation file and a few photos of the prototype. Thank you for everyone who will contribute to the discussion of this topic! BFHA_tests_3.cst