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  1. How to calculate this? Can you help?
  2. channel 14, wifi band, 2482 MHz. Below the picture of the concentrator. This receive data from sensor and send it to my software. Its installed close the track race. In this device I need install a unknow antenna that operate like the figure 3 above.
  3. This is the sensor its will use on the kart, I dont have problem with this. My problem is what kind of antenna should i use on the race track to receive the data from the sensors. I need a antenna that create a field along the detection line (Figure 1)
  4. Hi, thank you for your reply. I´m using a ESPNow protocol that use only part layers of wifi it is provided by ESp32 Espressif. Its similar thats used in sensors, wireless mouse and keyboards. All are run but using a omni antenna I can't determine a line where sensors in the cars can be detected. Today I can detect up to 6 sensors simultaneously with an accuracy of 2 milliseconds. Its good enough. I dont know how to make a "linear"(I dont know if it exist) antenna where the sensor can transmit. Using a line detection the kart 1 is detected before kart2 and that´s right (figure 1). Using omni antenna the kart 2 is detected before kart 1(figure 2)
  5. Hi, Its my first time here. I develop microprocessor systems and I always buy the antennas I use. The need is to measure kart lap time. I created a device that measures the lap time and transmits it to a concentrator that manipulates the data. They operate on wifi channel 14. I use the signal strength information to know when to send data to the hub. Every part of the device and the concentrator works and is capable of measuring the lap time of the carts. My problem is in the antenna and in the way to capture the transmission of the devices. I need an antenna that acts linearly and that transmits and captures the wifi signal when the device approaches an antenna installed perpendicularly to the running track. I tried using leak cable but it didn't prove to be efficient. I also made my own radiant cable by making cuts on the side of the cable and installing a 50 ohm resistor at the end of it. This was relatively successful. I would appreciate any suggestion. Thank you very much. Sorry for the poor English I made the text using google translator Fernando Maesso