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  1. yes and that's why I posted them. I just need your opinion on what is best for me. Also this is the only omni antenna I found http://qrzcq.me/do5ssb/Antennas/Printed_and_Microstrip_Antennas/Dual-Band_Meander-Line_Antenna_2.4GHz_5.4GHz.gif do you have any other suggestion? regarding the others, which gives best performance/gain?
  2. for 1 device i need: 1 omni antenna dual band vertical polarization and 1 omni antenna dual band horizontal polarization or 1 mimo omni antenna dual band (2x2) for long distance device i need: 1 directional antenna dual band vertical polarization and 1 directional antenna dual band horizontal polarization or 1 mimo directional antenna dual band (2x2) I need different polarization in order to avoid intereferance. If circular polarization have not this problem then I don't really mind. But I think circular polarization has less distance
  3. well, from what I have tested this is how is made: 1 dual band vertical polarized antenna and 1 dual band horizontal polarized antenna it has seperate antenna for 2 streams (150mbps each stream)
  4. Actually both radios use the same antenna for each stream. I have tested them by unplugging them one by one. The frequencies I need are for wifi 2.4GHz and 5.5-5.7GHz (for outdoor) I need 1 dualband omni horizontal polarized 1 dualband omni vertical polarized 1 dualband directional horizontal polarized 1 dualband directional vertical polarized
  5. btw, I have found some designs in a proposed website by Admin http://qrzcq.me/do5ssb/Antennas/Printed_and_Microstrip_Antennas/Dual_Band_Planar_Inverted-L_2.4GHz_5.2GHz.gif http://qrzcq.me/do5ssb/Antennas/Printed_and_Microstrip_Antennas/Dual_Band_PIFA_Two_Shorting_Strips_2.4GHz_5.6GHz.gif http://qrzcq.me/do5ssb/Antennas/Printed_and_Microstrip_Antennas/Dual-Band_Meander-Line_Antenna_2.4GHz_5.4GHz.gif http://qrzcq.me/do5ssb/Antennas/Printed_and_Microstrip_Antennas/Double-Rectangular_Dual-Band_Patch_Antenna_2.4GHz_5.5GHz.gif http://qrzcq.me/do5ssb/Antennas/Printed_and_Microstrip_Antennas/Bow-Tie_Slot_Antenna_2.4GHz_5.2GHz_5.8GHz.gif http://qrzcq.me/do5ssb/Antennas/Printed_and_Microstrip_Antennas/CPW-Fed_Curved_Bow-Tie_Slot_Antenna_2.4GHz_5.5GHz.gif
  6. Hello guys, I am a wireless networks enthousiast and I really like mesh networks. I found this website by searching on how to build my own antennas (though I do not have radiowave knowledge, I am pretty good at building staff). This is my 1st post on this amazing forum and I have red almost all posts but I am not really sure if I have found what I need (too many information), so I am writting this post in order to get some help from people that have better knowledge than me. I own several Meraki MR16 APs flashed with OpenWRT firmware and I would like to create a mesh network and provide free wifi to the people living in my village. The concept is to combine 2 MR16 on each place, 1 for mesh networking (backhaul) and 1 as AP. There are several houses over 1km away and for that I would like to use high gain omni and directional antennas The MR16 has 2 small dual band omni antennas Ideally what I need is 2 MIMO Dual Band (2x2:2) antennas (1 omni and 1 directional) but at least for omni I don't even know if it is possible. for sure I need the antennas to be dualband and able to controll polarisation in order to avoid interference So, any suggestions please?