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  1. Construction in metal. Works good.
  2. wing width - 50 mm ---------------------------------------------------------- This one turned out to be better for 1800
  3. Result in Metal Does not work well
  4. The antenna works, I liked it, you can repeat.
  5. LTE 1800 network (1710-1785MHz transmission, 1805-1880MHz reception) The design consists of 2 antennas that operate one for reception, the other for transmission.
  6. Thanks for the antenna. How to take the size of the reflector? And are side walls needed?
  7. Yes. Wrong. Noticed only after soldered
  8. I would love to do it (if translated to 2100 MHz)
  9. And on this antenna you can put 8 patches? Or it will give nothing?
  10. It showed a slightly worse result than this antenna: Later I will try to put the dielectric between the plates and remove the bolts.
  11. ОК. Thank you. I think I'll post a photo tomorrow
  12. I completed the antenna almost. 85% - work done
  13. Today completed the antenna. What to say.... The link below is the same and easier to manufacture:
  14. I continue to collect them. I like them very much.