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  1. Today completed the antenna. What to say.... The link below is the same and easier to manufacture:
  2. I continue to collect them. I like them very much.
  3. (Official document of the Kharkiv region) Below is a list of existing digital television channels for our region as of July 2014.
  4. Ukraine, base in Kharkov distance to the base 50-60 km 554 МГц | channel number 31 channels: Интер, ТРК «Украина», 1+1, НТН, К1, Первый Национальный, ICTV, Enter-Фильм Частота 586 МГц | channel number 35 channels: Zoom, Киноточка, СТБ, ТЕТ, К2, Новый канал, М1, 5-Канал Частота 690 МГц | channel number 48 channels: Mega, Pixel, XSport, НЛО-ТВ, 2+2, Dobro, Tonis, BUSINESS Частота 770 МГц | channel number 54 channels: Винтаж, Эскулап ТБ, ОТБ, Новый формат, Тонис-центр I accept everything. 770 MHz - slightly weaker than the rest
  5. I do not know .... Perhaps there are errors in the antenna circuit. I am interested in work. She works. Made 3 people - satisfied
  6. Then try
  7. Jomy I'm not strong in graphics, but it works perfectly (Base from me for 50 km)
  8. took the sizes for 41...49
  9. The antenna design is shown in the figure, dimensions - in the table. For manufacturing, you can use a wire made of copper or brass with a diameter of 3 ... 5 mm. The wire is successively bent according to the shape shown in the figure, the joints are soldered. For greater structural strength before soldering joints can be tied down with thin copper wire. Antenna cable is soldered at points "A" and "B". At point “C”, the cable sheath is connected to the antenna material. The antenna showed good results