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  1. Wow, you make it more detail, highly appreciate from me. with my limited understanding of Input, Impedance, and the VSWR, based on the graphics pictures above, the antenna work well on all cellular (~ 900 MHz till 2600 MHz) and wifi frequency range with impedance at 50 Ohm?
  2. Thank you so much, my doubt has been solved. I found this, look awesome, Poynting WHUNTER-1 30:1 Antenna - 24x24 Multi MIMO LTE, 4x4 MIMO WiFi, 2 GPS https://westwardsales.com/poynting-whunter-1-marine-antenna
  3. Allow me to ask, coz I am really need this kind of antenna at my current house now and I am not familiar with microwave antenna build. Does the metal don't have any insulation between reflector and both sets of hexagonal plates? As I seen on the picture, the coaxial cable, core and the braided shield, soldered to each bridge while the bridges connected to a small metal bracket that connected to deflector.