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  1. I've done a few experiments to check this out, when dealing with gsm repeaters there's quite big difference. with 75 ohm cable repeater's performance is worser, repeater's display show zero signal bars while with 3D-Fb cable there's 4 bars. I think when outdoor signal is weak and if you use not suitable cable, gain minus loses will be equal to zero...
  2. Great explanation, All my doubts have fall down. I've always believed that there wouldn't be a noticable difference if 75 ohm tv cables is used for LTE router's outdoor antenna. In which case lose will be bigger? if cable and outdoor antenna is 75 ohm while transmitter 50 ohm. or transmitter and antenna 50 ohm and only cable 75
  3. Looks quite simple. I suppose it will work if phone is placed very close to indoor unit. Have you tried it? Upload some before/after photos with mobile phone's signal level bars