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  1. Hello Can you please put the dimensions in lambda so that it is easy to build for other frequencies as well? In fact, this request would be general on the forum. Maybe the admin will stick it. Thanks
  2. Nothing new . Logarithmic antennas. But I do not understand why they are put in slant polarization mode. This way, every polarization lost 3 dB. 15 dBi ..!!????
  3. Yes, they can write everything they want. Anyway, it's good for marketing
  4. Very interesting concept of summing three open meander dipoles. Each dipole resonates in a certain frequency band. But I have great doubts about the 18 dBi gain. However, we calculate the gain of a meander dipole with a finite reflector can not reach that value.
  5. Hello ! Do you have a dimensional drawing for this type of antenna?