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AGATA 2x2 MIMO - wideband panel antenna 4G/3G/2G (15-17 dBi)

Powerful broadband antenna 3G/4G/2G/Wi-Fi with support for MIMO 2x2. Strengthening 15-17,5 dBi.It is recommended to use complete with universal modems Huawei Е392,E3276(M150-1) and conventional 2G,3G and 4G modems.

Panel antenna MIMO 2x2 AGATA is intended for use in complete equipment of wireless data transmission systems standards:

2G(EDGE, GPRS frequencies GSM1800)
3G (UMTS 2100)
4G (WIMAX,LTE1800, LTE2600)
WI-FI (IEEE 802.11 b, g, n)

Electrical characteristics

Operating frequency range,  1700-2700 MGz

The gain in the 3G range (1.9 to 2.2 GHz), dBi15-16

The gain in range of WIFI (2.4 GHz), 17 dBi

The gain in the range of 4G (LTE2600), 17-17.5 dBi

The width of the days in H-plane,  (channel 1/channel 2)  30-45/15-23 degrees

Days width in E-plane,  (channel 1/channel 2) 15-23/30-45 degrees

The sidelobe level is not more -12dB

The level of crosspolarization, not more -25dB

Input impedance, 50 Ohm

SWR in the frequency range, not more 1.5

Isolation between ports, more than 30 dB

Permissible power watts 50


Mechanical characteristics

Weight with mount, 2865g


mast diameter 20-52mm

Overall dimensions without mounting,  0,41х0,41х0,06m

Allowable wind speed, m/sec 20

Connector 2 x N-female

Material of protective box Polycarbonate+ABS

Antenna material galvanized steel, steel

Protective coating powder polymeric paint








Directional Elements are attached to the front panel of the antenna...


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